Studying at the PREFMS

Language policy

Students are required to have the language level requested by the host institution at the start of the internship (usually B1 at least).

Academic recognition

The academic or internship contract, signed by the student, the home institution, and the host institution, guarantees the recognition of all the ECTS credits obtained in accordance with the agreed programme. The summary of marks and comments lists the credits obtained, and, when relevant, the student’s grades.

Academic mobility

We can consider a custom-made agreement with your training institution for an academic mobility. At the present time we only deliver courses in French.

Internship mobility

We have vacancies for your internships as part of your training curriculum. We are currently setting up partnerships with the health and medico-welfare institutions that receive our students in Erasmus mobility. Our teaching staff will coach and appraise you in collaboration with the professional tutors on the internship fields.

Course syllabuses

Programme IFSI

Programme IFMK

Programme ERASS

Programme IFE

Programme ESF